Sandbag Workouts: Unleash Your Strength & Stamina

sandbag workout

Sandbag training is a staple for several militaries around the globe. And for several decades, regular trainers have added it to their respective routines. Even if it doesn’t look like it, there’s a lot of muscle building potential in that lumpy sandbag. All you need for a full body build-up could be inherent in sandbag … Read more

Metabolic Workout: Burn Fat, Boost Fitness

metabolic workout

Are you keen on getting that tighter muscle mass and better calorie burn rate alongside a wicked biceps curl? Chances are you may have heard of the metabolic training regime. The metabolic workout doesn’t seek to get you miserable as several other guides portray. Just think of the movement as a sacrifice to pay for … Read more

5×5 Workout For Huge Gains

5x5 workout

5×5 Workout is a proven program for building muscle and strength. Among the bodybuilders, it was trendy in the past and Ed Coan, one of the best powerlifters of history, contributed to its promotion. The 5×5 program has many variations. Here we will explain the fundamental principle of training, and we will introduce one of … Read more

P90X Workout Schedule: Your Complete Guide

P90X Workout Schedule: Your Complete Guide 1

P90x remains a top personal workout program with a massive focus on getting participants in top shape. Tons of workout geeks and newbies fancy the p90x workout schedule as the preferred option to remain in shape. And there’s a consensus that the p90x schedule could deliver results regardless of fitness training history. Several newbies may find … Read more