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We, at the National Center of Gym Arts, love to try and test new things. We also love our healthy lifestyle and we want you to live it too.

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A personal trainer is a guide who tries to find the shortest and safest way to reach the goal by seeking an individual approach.

Elizabeth Wells

Elizabeth Wells

I started my sporting career at the age of 3 in the preparation of ice hockey. I spent sixteen years playing ice hockey, and I remember the summer preparations today.

My Beginnings

At the beginning of the ’90s, a karate club was established in our town, and I started out during the season. Very soon after my start, there were 120 members of about 30 karate players, among whom I belonged to the selection group. We were preparing to contact karate and competitions. My promising career in karate was ended by a serious injury, after which I could not practice for more than a year.

After the convalescence, I decided to start a new sport and that was table tennis. Four times a week I traveled on a bike for two-hour training and later I added strength in the gym. First, just as a supplement and later four times a week.

The beginnings of strengthening were really very interesting. In a small room, there were dumbbells, a pair of rollers built on the wall, a barrel, a bench, and a positioning bench, and a favorite scot bench…

First Experience with Fitness Training

The first experience with my fitness training is in place 12 years ago when my friend Suzan started to practice with me. I explained to Suzan what and how to practice properly. Over the next four years, I visited several more modern fitness centers and trained other friends.

During my studies at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport, I gained a lot of new information. That information was not only about strengthening, sports training but mainly about the functioning of the body as a whole. I learned all about the right food to eat, how vitamins and minerals work in my body, and how to listen to what my body wants me to say. In the third year, I joined my current colleague, Philip, as a personal trainer.

Expansion of my knowledge

The further expansion of my knowledge was helped by a training course led by PaeDr. Peter Harold CSC. The doctor deals with the correct setting of the articulated segments and their interconnection.

Personal coaching is really fun to me, and it is amazing for clients to see how self-consciousness and overall attitude towards life change with physical change.

My passions

What are my passions today? It is still fitness training, all kinds of workouts, and the most important is a healthy lifestyle. You can’t just do a workout without the right way of life. You need to stay curious and listen to your body. Please read through my blog and learn quickly.

Joel Matos

Joel Matos

I’m Joel. I’m passionate about bodybuilding. I with workouts when I was 16 years old. But at that age, I didn’t know anything about it. How to do it right? How to rest? (I didn’t have any rest day that time, lol).

It worked somehow, but then I realized this is not the right way to go. I started to study the biology and physics and learn how to do the workout right with no injuries.

I learned a lot – I tried all types of workouts, tens of exercises and found what works the best for me. But you know what? What works for me doesn’t have to work for you. But I will show you what you should try, how to do the exercise right and when to stop.

After you reed my articles you will be able to create your own workout shedule and gain your goals.

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