Athletic Greens Review – The Best Price Performance Ratio You Can Get in 2019?

Athletic Greens Review – The Best Price Performance Ratio You Can Get in 2019?

Have you ever heard of Athletic Greens? Did you read any Athletic Greens reviews? Are you often sick or tired? Do you think you can just close your eyes and sleep in the middle of the day? Maybe you just didn't sleep enough, but maybe you are just missing the right dietary supplements such as vitamins and minerals, probiotics, alkaline complexes or digestive enzymes.

But what can you do? You can spend a lot of time preparing the right healthy food with a huge amount of vegetable and eat a lot of different pills with probiotics, another with vitamins, another with alkaline complexes, or you can spend just one minute by making a green cocktail. Which one do you choose?

If you value your time and decided to give a try to green supplements, you would like to know which one is the best. I was in your shoes a few years ago, but I wasn't so lucky. I've read many reviews and tested almost all of the supplements that were available, but none of them was perfect. But then, I found Athletic Greens (official store here).

Athletic Greens supplement contains 75 ingredients (Alkaline Complexes, Nutrient Dense Natural Extracts, Herbs And Antioxidants, Non-Diary Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes & Super Mushroom Complex, Vitamins, and Minerals). You will get 75 healthy ingredients in less than one minute. You will feel and look better. Don't you believe?

Give It a Try!

Try it! If nothing changes in 60 days, you will get your money back. Sounds fair? Look here!

And I almost forgot - if you use this coupon code, you will get 10% off discount. So what are you waiting for?

What is Athletic Greens?

To tag this amazing greens powder merely as a "superfood" is insufficient. Do you know what the manufacturer specifies it in other words? "Nutritional Insurance"!

The scintillating work would make you understand that - how this superfood serving 75 supplements in a single scoop, is improving the health of thousands of users across various age-groups and sports talents.

This is also called the best superfoods for athletes.

Is It Really That Good?

A lot of people say, that Athletic Greens is the most expensive green superfood powder, but nothing can be further from the truth. I did a big research and a lot of tests, and you can see the results below. Not only the price of Athletic Green is not the highest, but it is one of the lowest. But if you think about your life and health, do you really look at the price?

As you can see in the table below, Athletic Greens is the most complex green supplement I've ever tested. It contains as much as 75 ingredients that will help your body to stay healthy and full of energy. And the best thing? 60 days money back guarantee. So make a favor to yourself and give it a try!

Top 3 Greens Comparison Table

 Athletic GreensIt Works! GreensKylea Total Living Greens
Price Per Serving
athletic greens
it works! greens
total living drink greens
Vitamins & Minerals
Alkaline Complexes
Non-Diary Probiotics
No Peanuts, No Wheat, Soy Free, No GMO, No Corn, No Egg, Diary Free

How Did Athletic Greens Help Me

  • I have much more energy during the whole day
  • I wake up full of energy even before the alarm
  • I feel happier as I'm full of energy
  • My hormones and blood sugar are regulated now
  • I've lost weight, so I feel and look much better (I've been told this many times 🙂 )
  • My under-eye circles are gone!
  • My skin and hair is cleaner and smoother
  • Read my personal experience


Athletic Greens is a pack of

  • 25 Alkaline Complexes
  • 17 Nutrient Dense Natural Extracts, Herbs And Antioxidants
  • 2 Non-Diary Probiotics
  • 5 Digestive Enzymes & Super Mushroom Complex
  • 22 Vitamins & Minerals.

Apart from such an incredible number of components, Athletic Greens flaunts few star-ingredients in its alkaline category. You can see more nutrition facts on the nutrition label below.

You can also visit the official site and there you'd find the total break-down of fixings this super green superfood consists of.


athletic greens nutrition label

You'd find them rarely in other exorbitantly priced superfoods and none- in overhyped cheap supplements. Let's discover what those top of the line features are. Well, they are- spirulina, red beet powder, alfalfa grass, wheatgrass, spinach, kale, and kelp.

Now, let's focus on the herbs and antioxidants part of the best greens powder. They are 17 in number, but the only handful of them can be traced in other superfoods. These ingredients are - milk thistle, dandelion roots, and rosemary leaves.

Superior superfood nutrion in a single serving

Though the Athletic Greens would impact you on the alkaline complex and antioxidant properties of this superfood powder, very few of them may specify the grams you intake per serving. Well, hear it from me. With the solitary scoop, you'll receive 8.453 grams of alkalizing complex and 3.569 grams of anti-oxidants/ herbs respectively.

no nasties, no allergens

Among the vitamins, B2 or riboflavin is one of the vitamins, that is largely absent in many others supplements. Be that as it may, this super greens powder has it aplenty. B2 triggers healthy brain function. Another crucial vitamin here is B7 or biotin; this is essential for glucose regulation in blood.

Does It Really Work?

The 600-odd customers in Amazon Store would indicate you that, this amazing green superfood powder works like a charm on users. In case you don't believe in reveling in borrowed glory, then do yourself a favor and buy the standard pack.

A single pack contains 30 servings, so within 1 month, you can verify yourself whether this product works or not. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and algae - there is no reason why it won't produce the positive outcome in your body. Moreover, 10 years of scientific study and research has gone into its making. And if you are not satisfied, you can have your money back thanks to the 60 Days Money back guarantee (see more here).

Taking Athletic Greens daily would detoxify your body, regulate hormone production and keep a check on blood sugar level, among others. So you can kill multiple birds with a single shot by including this super green in your everyday diet.

Lastly, the "sensitive" processing part of this super green ensures that no heat or light has been applied to its production. This preparation method, in turn, keeps the wholesomeness of the nutrients intact.

Athletic Greens Reviews

Multiple athletes had termed it as "super greens powder" and "life-changer" among others. It cements the fact that, this product has worked for numerous out there who take maintain a sound body as a serious business.

But if you want just a quick answer - yes, it works!

Except in the case when you are suffering from any serious ailment that needs immediate medical supervision, this superfood would speed up your digestion, purify blood and accelerate energy.

How Does It Work?

In spite of the fact that you will get the summary of how this product works from various reviews, I would like to highlight a few of its benefits quickly. This supplement is punched with as many as 25 alkaline complexes. It means that per serving ensures- your body must receive 8 grams of raw alkalizing food at a time. Now to know what alkalinity does for your body, learn about pH balance.

The pH balance of your body controls acid influx. If the balance score is more than 7, then your body is in a stable alkaline environment. On the off chance, the score is less than 7- be ready to face severe and acidity. In almost all surveys, customers assure that by including this super-green cocktail in life, the users won't have to suffer from acid influx for a single day in the future.

Athletic Greens review

This great superfood flaunts 22 vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C plays a prominent part to strengthen immunity. The numerous analysis shows how common cold and flu tendency have reduced among hundreds, once they have started taking it. While vitamin B 12 present in it fights off weak metabolism, B 1 ensures proper functionality of your nervous system and vitamin A helps strengthen your immune system.

Apart from lauding its algae, customers on Amazon praise prominently about the exotic shiitake and reishi mushrooms, this greens food has. Your body will receive healthy carbs and protein from these mushrooms.

Magnesium is another significant component here, which saves you from diabetes and osteoporosis during advanced age.

What Are Scientists saying?

No solid scientific study has been overtaken solely by this product. Any of the authentic reviews would testify for this statement. But that doesn't mean that it has zero scientific backing.


What about the hand-picked, greatly processed algae whose cells are not cracked to bring out the substance? Well, any soil scientist assumes responsibility for that fact that, modern farming and heat/light processing of natural ingredients ruins their benefits.

On the other hand, a free-dried and cold-milled technique is best for producing a health supplement. As this superfood follows the second procedure, it's the solid recognition for its scientific base.

You can find the whole ingredients list on the nutrition label below or from my website itself. Each of the components like - barley, spirulina, wheatgrass or spinach, is distinguished in health science for its beneficial properties.

Why You Should Have Athletic Greens in Your Diet

This premium superfood can improve both your mental and physical health. It keeps you charged through the day by providing enough green vegetables and fruits. There are plenty of reasons for you to include it in your daily food supplements. Here are the most important reasons among them :

Unmatchable combination of ingredients

This is a unique combination of ingredients that are well thought and put together. It consists of seventy-five ingredients which you cannot put together in a blender by yourself to prepare a smoothie or a juice. Raw greens, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, prebiotics, probiotics, co-factors, enzymes, mushrooms, micronutrients, and herbs. It comprises all types of natural substances that will help to improve your overall health, stamina, and immunity.

Rejuvenates your energy

Energy plays a vital role in helping us to do our daily activities. You need a substantial amount of energy to go to the gym, walk or do physical training sessions. It is also helpful to keep your brain fresh and working through the day. This green drink provides enough energy to pull off even the toughest of physical tasks. Apart from doing the physical tasks you require energy to have a healthy body and mind.

The magical touch of antioxidant

The main function of antioxidants is to counteract the free radicals in our bloodstream which will otherwise cause various health symptoms. The number of free radicals produced by our body is far more than the antioxidants it produces. Therefore it is necessary to consume food items that consist of antioxidants.

The most exciting property of the ingredients used to make most of the Athletic Greens is that they all act as wonderful antioxidants. It consists of green tea extract, broccoli flower along with many other herbs that are natural antioxidants.

Start using any of the green powders right away to have a healthy body and mind!

Immunity and stamina for athletes

Athletes require more immunity and stamina when compared to a normal person. Immunity helps them to have a healthy body so they can give their best performance. Stamina increases the longevity of their performance. Athletes are recommended to consume two servings every day (preferably in the morning and afternoon). One serving a day is sufficient for others (according to all reviews of Athletic Greens you can read on Amazon)

The best solution for digestive problems

The most of the green superfoods are available in powder form. When you consume it in the form of a drink along with the water it directly goes down to your digestive glands. It consists of 7.2 billions of probiotics from two streams that regulate digestion and reduce inflammation levels. Ashwagandha, which is another important ingredient of Athletic Greens cures constipation and other gastrointestinal disorders.

Improving mental health

Mental health is as important as our physical health. These days many people suffer from depression, anxiety, and stress. This can be due to various factors like unhealthy lifestyle, the pressure in academics and career and so on.

Athletic Greens consists of herbs that are effective in reducing stress level and anxiety. The most reviews say, that you will see the results within the first ten days of using it.

My Personal Experience

most complete supplement

For many women, menopause means a dead-end in terms of health and vitality. It could have been the same for me as well but thanks to this super greens powder, I have been saved. My pre-menopausal days saw me breaking down frequently, because of extreme mood swings. The hormones in my body were shooting haywire and I began to start stress-eating that led to toxicity in the body. My immunity dropped few notches and cold and cough became daily parts of life.

During those darkest hours, many web articles conveyed to me rays of hope. I discovered a new way of living with this green superfood in my diet.

After 3 months of consistent utilization, my vitality has bounced back. Cold and cough became instances from the past, and my hair and skin now look healthier. As if by magic, my hormones, as well as blood sugar, are regulated now.

My Results & How Everything Have Changed

  • A lot more energy during the whole day
  • Hormones and blood sugar are regulated now
  • I've lost weight, so I feel and look much better (I've been told this many times)
  • My under-eye circles are gone!
  • My skin and hair is cleaner and smoother
  • I wake up full of energy even before the alarm
  • I feel happier as I'm full of energy

What Is The Price?

price tag

You can buy Athletic Greens in 2 ways:

  1. One-time purchase
  2. Monthly subscription

Why You Should Choose the Monthly Subscription

  • The monthly subscription means you will get your pack automatically every month.
  • Each pack contains 30 daily servings, so you will be covered with no interruption.
  • You will receive a free custom shaker with your first delivery.
  • You can cancel, change or postpone your subscription online by any time.
  • You will get one serving for as low as the price of one coffee.
  • You will have 60 days risk-free order guarantee (see here).
GET Additional 10% OFF With This COUPON CODE!

3 Supply Plans

The standard plan offers you to subscribe it for $77/mo for 30 servings for 30 days. If you read through the reviews, you'd find that the majority of the users have voted for the Standard Supply plan the best one, for its convenience.

Standard Supply plan

  • This is the best price-performance ratio.
  • Personalized schedule of delivery every month.
  • You don't need to worry when to order another package.
  • You can pause, change or cancel the subscription at any time (instead of buying the Trial Pack).
  • If you return your order within 60 days, you will get double money back.

subscription plans

Double Hit

The second monthly subscription plan is called Double Hit. Here, you'll get 60 servings of monthly delivery in exchange of $147/mo. Next to the standard plan, most athletes have voted it as the second best purchasing scheme. Most importantly, the latter comes with a whopping 24% discount.

Trial Pack

The Trial Pack is the most expensive and you need to shell out $97.00 for 30 servings one-time only. But remember, you can still order the Standard Supply plan and cancel at ANY time if you want to test it. You will have a much better price ($77 instead of $97) and you will get your money back when you are not satisfied. But trust me, you will be more than satisfied 😉

Do you think it is expensive? Maybe, but what your health is worth to you? For me, this decision was a no-brainer. There is nothing more valuable than my health and energy. I was disgusted by being tired and ill the whole winter. Think about how much time and money you are losing when you are ill or tired...

Why Should You Buy It?

price Less than coffee

All the people who used this before would give you many reasons for which you should buy the best greens powder. But it would take time and patience to scan through them one by one (just like I did). On the off chance, you are short on patience, I would like to point out three simple reasons in favor of the best greens supplement.

Quality Ingredients

Firstly, do you know that how many pills on an average, you might need to take to get all the essential supplements? The number would be a whopping 20 pills/ day! The Athletic Greens producer would tell you that a solitary scoop of this green superfood powder is equivalent to that of 12 servings of veggies and fruits. So taking this is quick and effortless.

Great Taste

Secondly, most of the green powder taste too bitter-to-swallow on tongues of beginners. Don't believe me? You would get these necessary tidbits in many users' opinions. However, this green superfood powder has a rich, chocolaty flavor that enables you to mix it in plain water, skimmed milk or your favorite juice and still, the concoction would taste great.

GMP Certified

Thirdly, the production and processing of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in this product are devoid of the crushing effect of modern day farming technique. They are also non-GMO certified. What you'd get in your glass is nature's wholesome goodness in its most- unadulterated form.

Where Can I Buy It?

travel packs

No matter if you are from Philippines, India, USA, Italia, France, South Africa, España, or any other country, the best place to buy Athletic Greens should be its own official site.

Here, you can go through the various plans and compare them on your own. Apart from that, Athletic Greens can be purchased from a reputed e-commerce vendor such as Amazon.

GET Additional 10% OFF With This COUPON CODE! (available until [todaysdate])

But be aware that the price on Amazon is a bit higher and furthermore only on the official site you are guaranteed a full refund if you return the product within 60 days.

healthy drink


It's hard to find a green superfood powder supplement that unites people from so many walks-of-life and age-groups. And this premium superfood does just that. There are multiple liquid energy shots in the market that promise you to spice up your vitality level. What they do instead is to give you a momentary high. Once it passes over, you get back to square one of sluggishness.

Including this superfood in your life means- you will get to absorb essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and alkaline complex on a regular basis. Coupled with a healthy diet and workout schedule, this superfood would definitely bring down your medical cost.

Also, the safe and speedy transaction and shipment process offered by the official site makes buying this superfood a cake walk. The other reviews would also support my comment. So what are you waiting for? Place your order today and enjoy a lifelong guarantee of good health.

Why Shouldn't You Buy It?

Now let me think why someone shouldn't buy this superfood. Hmm, okay. If you survive by the greasy McDonald's burgers-and-fries, have never lifted a leg (or a hand) to do some physical work-out, and don't have any will change it in future, then this product is not for you.

To get the maximum advantages from Athletic Greens, you have to pledge for an active lifestyle too. Secondly, there are few negative reviews where they customers grumbled that they mixed-up this product with protein shakes.

Considering to buy


Do take note that, this greens powder brings in holistic wellness for your body and not something that promises to beef up your muscles exclusively. If getting ripped abs for show-off purpose is your lone concern, then this might not be the best product for you.

Thirdly, some customers took potshots about its cost. Well, as I have mentioned above, in order to absorb 11 different supplements, you might have to swallow down 20 pills/day. This super food does just that (and more) with a single serving. So for me, this sole quality justifies the slightly higher-end cost. In the event that value-for-money product isn't your top priority, then don't go for it.

Is It A Scam?

While speaking for the authenticity of this product, most of the athletes miss out the most significant point (according to me) and i.e. - every ingredient, as well as batch-source of this product, is traceable. This is something that is not normal among all Athletic Greens alternatives.

I have stated before that the processing part takes place in a GMP certified environment. What I didn't mention is - the manufacturing company has far exceeded the FDA guidelines, in terms of- quality control. While a health supplement flaunts so many trusted and universal quality certificates, it's futile to tag it as a "scam".


Also, you can gather from the producer itself, that before the final shipment of the finished products, analytical as well as the microbiological examination is being done on each bunch of goodies. Unlike some over-hyped supplements out there, which might fail to show documents in order to verify the sources of ingredients, this green superfood supplement comes clean with all of its records.

This product likes values customer feedback the most. There is always an open communication between the company rep and the customer - in case you need clarification on some features.

Why Is It So Popular?

What I have gathered from the majority of the reviewers all over the internet is that the users are mostly overwhelmed by its suitability for every age. The supplement industry is youth-obsessed today. Whenever you come across any glossy advertisement of the optimum food supplement, just notice that how in 9 out of 10 times, the promotion revolves around a beautiful young girl or a macho guy (or both), with the near-perfect body.

These models don't look like any of us - common mortals, with bodily imperfections. I believe this supplement had just touched the sentiment that even- 50+ or menopausal people too, have the right to be fit and healthy.

green drink

Many users in their respective audits thanked this product to overhaul their sedentary lifestyles. The human body is meant for moving, working-out and be active. When you use the best greens powder on a daily basis, your psychology gets attuned to it and you start incorporating yoga, running or spending half-n-hour in gym voluntarily.

Here you will get what you pay for i.e. a superfood stacked with 75 ingredients (see the nutrition facts in the nutrition label below) in their purest forms, processed in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) - certified facility.

Which Celebrities Are Using It?

Tim Ferriss - best selling author


The best part about the celeb clientele list of this green superfood powder I have found is - it attracts mixed-bag clients. This is not athletes food only. On one hand, you would find NY Times Best Seller author Tim Ferris vouching for the fact that, how Athletic Greens has helped to cover his base nutritional demands. You can read more about Tim Ferris and his 4 Hour Body book here.

On the other hand, there is South Beach personal trainer Michelle Alonso, who has credited this powder for mitigating her vitamin supplementation needs. Another celebrity using it is Tony Robbins - the founder of several companies that earn approximately $6 billion in annual sales.

Truth to be told, I was surprised at first to see Athletic Greens analyses from diverse backgrounds like - entrepreneur, model, naturopaths who must have different lifestyles. Be that as it may, all of them swear by the goodness of this superfood brought into their lives.


healthy green drink

  • How many days does it take for this product to work?

A: Various athletes did a lot of tests and would give you diverse answers regarding the number of days it takes for this green superfood to really work. Though it depends on your lifestyle and level of fitness, I'd say within 10 days, you will begin to notice a positive change in your energy level.

  • Does it have anti-cancer properties?

This green supplement uses reishi mushroom extracts as one of the digestive enzymes. Apart from bringing down inflammation and serving your body healthy protein and carb, the reishi mushroom has anti-cancer properties, found out by scientists.

  • What is the best time to have it?

Well, the distributor doesn't mention when you should have this superfood. You are open to test and figure it out for yourself. But if you want to know my recommendation, then I'd say morning is the best time to have your glass of the green supplement. It will keep your energy high for the rest of the day.

  • Is this green powder vegan- friendly?

The best greens powders have 2 types of non-dairy probiotics. This is not only a vegan-friendly product but also suitable for anybody who has allergies towards milk-based food items. For better information, do check out the ingredients' list of the item minutely (please see the ingredients list above).

The conclusion


From all the information I've found, from all the reviews I've read, and from my personal experience, I can say, that Athletic Greens is the most complex and comprehensive green superfood product on the market. Despite what some people say, it is also the best price-performance ratio product (see the complex comparison table)

See below why you should definitely try this premium superfood.

Why You Should Buy Athletic Greens

  • Unmatchable combination of 75 quality ingredients
  • Great taste
  • 60 Days money back guarantee
  • Easy to prepare - in less than 1 minute
  • Rejuvenates your energy
  • Increases your immunity & stamina
  • Improves mental health
  • GMP Certified
Elizabeth Wells

Athletic Greens

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