Super Greens 101 – Everything You Need to Know

Over the past decade, there’s been a wild rush for super greens products. From regular people to fitness enthusiasts, the hype surrounding super greens doesn’t seem to be quieting down soon.

And here’s the reason – a big chunk of vitamins, minerals, and energy in one drink.

Most people don’t eat enough veggies, exposing them to a torrent of issues over time. But the human body needs a definite amount of vitamins, minerals, and energy boost to ward off disease.  

Green Superfood powder continues to dominate conversations about supplemental health products. And when you start checking out the potential of these drinks, you may be convinced of their potency.

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What is a Green Superfood Powder?

Super Greens, or green superfood powders, are dehydrated mixes of dried ingredients. Most components of these drinks go through freeze-dry treatment and are processed raw.

Many greens powder products consist of grasses, algae, digestive enzymes, green veggies, and metabolic ingredients. All these components have their special addition to the whole mix.

Green supplements

Many superfood powders come in powdered form, but tablet and smoothie options are also available.

The major focus of greens powder is to help consumers attain their recommended daily intake (RDI) of veggies.

And there’s an upside to these green delights. Most super greens have been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So, if you’ve got any need for a complete dose of vitamins and minerals, greens powder should be considered.

But before making up your mind on getting super greens powder added to your diet, more info is necessary. With more info on what super greens offer, it becomes more comfortable to add these to your diet routine.

Benefits of Super Greens

Super green powders are not intended to diagnose treat, cure, or prevent any disease. But when it comes to enhancing benefits, there’s so much these powders have the potential for;

  • High vitamin C supply
  • Improved probiotic content
  • Plant-based enzymes that improve digestive health
  • Increased antioxidant and inflammatory action for chronic disease risk reduction

Top 5 Super Green Candidates and Their Benefits

Most greens supplements have a specific target – boosting daily nutritional intake. And with most brands touting their products as ‘the best’, you need more info pre-order. The best facts should line out what you can benefit from these supplements;

Barley grass

barley grassGrain barley is popular and is a staple in many cultures. And barley grass has many benefits for improving liver protection and digestive health.

Also, barley grass is touted as an organic therapy for anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory needs.


kaleSince kale ranks as one of the best Superfoods, it’s a top candidate for several greens products. With its high antioxidant, fiber, and vitamin content, it’s a mainstay in several health-conscious diets.

Kale has anti-inflammatory properties that are ideal for fighting against discomfort and healing injuries.


A green algae, chlorella spirulina, grows in fresh water and is one of the richest sources of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The algae is an immense source of omega-3 fatty acids and have a slew of benefits for our body.

With immense immune system development support, chlorella offers impressive energy levels boost. Chlorella has the potential to keep regular users healthy and free from disease.

There are residues of metals in the environment, our food and water sources that could be hazardous to health. Cancers and other harmful conditions could develop.

But with chlorella, there’s a high chance of detoxing your body and getting better support against toxic stuff.

Other benefits of chlorella include;

  • Cardiovascular health protection
  • Protection against diabetes


broccoliEven if mom forced broccolis down your throat when growing up, it’s not enough to hate this veggie.

Through detailed studies, there’s been a lot of info that your mom was right to enforce a strict broccoli regime.

Oat grass

oat grassWhole grain oats come from green straw and possess a wide range of health benefits for consumers. Many members of the health community tout oat grass as an ideal option for increasing cognitive development.

Also, there’s a consensus that oat grass has properties capable of relieving stress. And there is a slew of vitamins in every oat grass handful, making it a top candidate for comprehensive nutrition.

Perks of Super Greens Powders

Organic ingredients

Most super greens come with full non-GMO composition.

With a slew of organic ingredients, there’s a sure natural burst in every sip.

High vitamins minerals composition

Aside from having a massive collection of non-GMO ingredients, many super green products offer several vitamins, minerals older supplements lack.

Veggies like kale, spirulina chlorella, and more feature in many super greens products.

Ideal Ways to Use Greens Powder

To achieve excellent results, consider following:

instructions pasted on your preferred super green can. Stirring the greens powder into milk, water, juice, and smoothies is a common course of consumption.

If you happen to put off consuming super greens when mixed, refrigeration is an ideal course. Aside from adding super greens to liquids, there are other ways to leverage these powders to your nutritional benefit;

  • Sprinkling over roasted vegetables
  • Mixing with salads
  • Adding to a veggie dip
  • Incorporating into soups, sauces, or omelets

Which Super Greens Powder is The Best?

I have created the comparison of the best greens powders you can get. I did a really deep research to find which one is the best so you don’t need to strugle anymore.

How Do Green Powder Products Taste?

When it comes to stimulating your taste buds, greens powders don’t ace it at all. The combo of organic ingredients gives these powders anywhere from bland to bitter taste.

greens with glass

That’s why it’s a great step to mix these powders with other stuff to make it easier to consume. 

But if you can take it, consuming these drinks with water alone is very possible.

When is the Best Time to Take Super Greens Powder Products?

There is no widely accepted regime for taking nutrition supplement powders. But this doesn’t mean recommended consumption routines don’t exist.

Some fitness enthusiasts recommend taking super greens powders immediately after daily workouts. 

Other regular users think these drinks are a great fit for pre-breakfast refreshment. Some believe before bed is a great time, a few others think mid-day is an excellent period.

Before selecting a routine for taking greens powder products, consider consulting a doctor.


Is Super Greens Powder good for you?

Super greens powders are good to supplement a balanced diet routine with its antioxidant and vitamin content. A daily boost of energy may supplement your whole food intake and increase your energy levels every day.

Do super greens help you lose weight?

Super greens are not designed to explicitly support weight loss. But when you’re on a strict weight reduction regime and need the right blend of energy, they could be great.

Are green powders a waste of money?

Many high energy-giving plants feature in supplemental greens powders, so you’re not wasting any money.

Greens powders come with a mix of healthful vegetables like kale, spirulina, and blend of fruits extract. Athletes on the move or regular people may find these supplements a good option with no high-energy food nearby.

Final Word

Greens powders have many supplemental benefits based on their make-up. Since most super greens are made from veggies, probiotics, enzymes, and the like, regular drinks pack a punch.

Super greens have the potential to boost immune responses and stunt risks of chronic diseases. On the other hand, results experienced from consuming these mixtures may differ based on their ingredients.

And don’t think super greens should be a direct replacement for your whole foods routine. They’re designed as supplements to complement your nutritional regime, and not as a replacement.

Consider consuming your fair share of fresh veggies, and a super pack of healthy foods. Fruits and vegetables should be a mainstay in your diet. And you can continue your vitamins, minerals, and whole food regime in tandem with these greens.

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