Chest Supported Row: Sculpt a Strong, Defined Back

chest supported row featured

Getting your body built at a specific point could be challenging for newbies. And some lifters recovering from back injuries may find a suitable exercise difficult to spot.  Row movements offer several variations for spine, lats, and general muscle training. And one of the best movements to begin your row sessions is an incline bench … Read more

Sandbag Workouts: Unleash Your Strength & Stamina

sandbag workout

Sandbag training is a staple for several militaries around the globe. And for several decades, regular trainers have added it to their respective routines. Even if it doesn’t look like it, there’s a lot of muscle building potential in that lumpy sandbag. All you need for a full body build-up could be inherent in sandbag … Read more

The Absolute Best Dumbbell Exercises

Pair of dumbbells

You may have tons of excuses for skipping workouts; no time on going to the gym, no extra bucks for a gym membership, or no extra home space for exercise equipment. But getting into a healthier lifestyle, losing weight, and having your body toned can be attainable with just dumbbell exercises. Dumbbells are much cheaper … Read more

Metabolic Workout: Burn Fat, Boost Fitness

metabolic workout

Are you keen on getting that tighter muscle mass and better calorie burn rate alongside a wicked biceps curl? Chances are you may have heard of the metabolic training regime. The metabolic workout doesn’t seek to get you miserable as several other guides portray. Just think of the movement as a sacrifice to pay for … Read more

5×5 Workout For Huge Gains

5x5 workout

5×5 Workout is a proven program for building muscle and strength. Among the bodybuilders, it was trendy in the past and Ed Coan, one of the best powerlifters of history, contributed to its promotion. The 5×5 program has many variations. Here we will explain the fundamental principle of training, and we will introduce one of … Read more

Master the Strict Press: Tips, Techniques, and Workouts

strict press

Rated among basic movements, the strict press has several benefits when done right. It is a fantastic option for building strength in the upper body. It is also one of the most sought after weight lift exercises that work on the shoulders, leg region, back, and more. With similarities to the deadlift and bench press, the … Read more

Master the JM Press: Build Unstoppable Tricep Power

bench press

Several power lifters rate the JM press as an insignificant addition to a regular training regime. If you’re planning to subscribe to a Westside barbell gym, such ratings could be concerning. But with a closer look at what this press offers, chances are you’ll add it to your routine without blinking. What you need to leverage … Read more

Power Snatch Mastery: Boost Your Explosive Strength

metabolic workout

Getting snatches right could be challenging for many weight lifters. If you’re currently finding the power snatch technique hard to learn, don’t despair! Proper power snatch reps could take time to master. And with enough practice, the right mechanics are easier to amass. Power snatch reps could be demanding on several parts of your body … Read more

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