Master the JM Press: Build Unstoppable Tricep Power

Several power lifters rate the JM press as an insignificant addition to a regular training regime. If you’re planning to subscribe to a Westside barbell gym, such ratings could be concerning.

But with a closer look at what this press offers, chances are you’ll add it to your routine without blinking.

What you need to leverage this press for full advantage is its form. Getting the form wrong may not give off all its benefits.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at how to maximize your muscle training with the JM press. And facts this post provides help to keep your exercise routine beneficial.

How to Perform Barbell JM Press Right

  • Lie on a work-out bench and use it as you would when running a grip bench press set
  • Un-rack bar, bringing it down to your chest level. Make sure it doesn’t exceed your chest region and stays within your shoulder and upper torso area.
  • Roll bar back a bit with your focus on when the bar will rest right above your face area. Your arms should be stretched out when performing this step.
  • When you start feeling intense tension in your triceps, lower the bar slowly or aggressively based on your needs.
  • Reverse motion when tension builds around your triceps area, quickly pulling your elbows back to your side region. Relax your shoulders in until lockout is complete.
  • Use weights on your bar as desired for greater tension on triceps and improved results.

Ways to Add More Tension to JM Presses

Keeping your presses effective is integral to quicker overall results. That’s why it’s great to leverage the following for a better result over time;

Using a Smith Machine

The machine doesn’t get much attention for strength work since it forces users into straight bar paths. But with the right setup, the straight bar path helps load the triceps in an advanced and safe manner

Using Reverse Bands

Leveraging reverse bands make the most of your pressing experience. With one end on the power rack post and the other on your barbell, intense pressure for muscle growth is comfier.

Perfect Preparatory Routine for Better Results

Getting the best results for a JM press involves not one, but three exercises. Training your muscles with this movement makes the most of chest and lower shoulder work potential. The routine also helps build upper, lower, and muscle extension strength.

Warm-up session with an overhead rope extension

With a slow and controlled movement, complete two sets of twenty reps of dumbbell pull-downs. Leveraging this exercise loosens up your upper body in preparation of the main routine.

Reverse band press

Continue the warm-up session with two light sets of ten reps and three hard ten reps each.

Close grip pushups and band pushdowns

Finally, leveraging light band pushdowns for preparation helps prepare your upper body muscles for the main routine.

Follow this process for effective results;

Close grip pushups

  • Reps: 40 + 20 + 10 pushups (each rep set should precede recommended set of pushdowns)
  • Set: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds


  • Reps: 10 + 20 + 40 (each set should follow pushups)
  • Set: 1
  • Rest: 60 seconds

Here’s the full warm-up routine roll-out;

  • 40 pushups + 10 pushdowns + 60 seconds rest
  • 20 pushups + 20 pushdowns + 60 seconds rest
  • 10 pushups + 40 pushdowns + 60 seconds rest

JM Press vs. Close Grip Bench Press: Similarities

There are several similarities between both presses. Here are some benefits both routines offer;

Upper body strength support

Getting significant shoulder and elbows strength is a major focus of barbell presses.

Both JM and close grip barbell exercises proving efficient for strength training. Make them your top choice for impressive muscles endurance in your front and back torso region.

Improved triceps mass and hypertrophy training

Aside from delivering overall upper body strength, both presses offer support for greater triceps mass support. If you’re keen on an exercise that’ll build your triceps in a short while, make these routines your favored pick.

Enhanced elbows extension

Both presses work in a similar manner to help elbows extension. If you’re finding stretching out your elbows fully, try one or both of these exercise routines.

Regular performance of this routine may not reveal instant results, but the outcome will be noticeable over time.


What is a JM press?

The JM press is a transitional movement between the barbell skull crusher and close-grip bench press.

Who invented the JM press?

John Mark ‘JM’ Blakely is the creator of the JM press. He created the technique based on his high demand for sustained triceps strength needs.

What muscles does the Tate press work?

Muscles that get worked by the Tate press:

  • Triceps brachii
  • Pectoral muscles (clavicular and sternal region)
  • Pushing force of back muscles
  • Anterior deltoids

Final Word

If you’ve got your sights set on barbell routines that offers significant strength, the JM press is an excellent exercise.

With massive focus on several areas across your back muscles, it’s a great alternative to tasking routines. And if you’re finding a straight muscles training routine too bland, this press could have all you need.

Similarities between the barbell JM movement and close-grip bench press is also spelled out here. Making the most of your exercises may involve adding both routines for improved results.

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