Power Snatch – How-To, Tips, Benefits, and More

power snatch

Getting snatches right could be challenging for many weight lifters. If you’re currently finding the power snatch technique hard to learn, don’t despair! Proper power snatch reps could take time to master. And with enough practice, the right mechanics are easier to amass. Power snatch reps could be demanding on several parts of your body … Read more

Rack Pulls – How-To, Muscles Worked, Benefits, and More

rack pulls

Commonly referred to as a conventional deadlift variation, rack pulls mean different things to fitness enthusiasts. While some lifters refer to it as an insignificant routine, others rank it as an effective back movement with apparent results. Many weightlifters use rack pull to increase the weight and perfecting the lockout part of deadlift training. To … Read more

Reverse Hyper – How-To, Muscles Worked, Variations, and More

reverse hyper exercise

Lumbar pain is an issue several workers face, especially staff members that may have to sit for long periods. But back pain issues are not restricted to desk workers alone. Weightlifters, bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, and so on all encounter these health problems. In most cases, the only way to heal lower back pain is adequate … Read more