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All About Green Drinks

These days, green drinks have become a rage. But the irony is – most of the consumers don’t know why they are drinking it. They are either influenced by glitzy ads or by gym buddies- without doing the minimum research on their own. Let’s discuss the few little-known aspects of green drinks that you should know.

What Are Green Drinks Made Of?

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Though different green drinks use distinctive compositions there are some universal components common among superfoods. We’ll be discussing top 9 ingredients that you will find in any first-rate green drink powder –

Barley Grass

So far, we have only associated barley with beer. But do you know that barley is one of the popular ingredients for green drinks? The junk food pile-up in our bodies leads to toxicity. This has an adverse effect on your mood as well. Barley grass is an organic detoxifier that would come handy here.

[su_quote]The selenium present in barley grass slows down your aging process while protecting your skin from harsh UUV rays. Barley grass is a source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. While the first ingredient suppresses your cravings at ungodly hours, the later ones take care of nourishing your body.[/su_quote]


This fresh-water alga, along with chlorella, is counted among the top 10 super nourishments of the world. Spirulina completes the making of a green superfood. Spirulina flushes heavy metals such as lead out of your body. On the off chance you are worried about your weight; have a green drink enriched with spirulina, twice-a-day. It would speed up your weight loss effort.

The phycocyanin pigment found in spirulina lowers blood pressure. On the other hand, the algae itself boosts energy and keep your fitness at its peak throughout the day. According to scientific studies, spirulina may cure cancer spread in pancreatic cells in the initial stage. It likewise looks after your heart- by reducing the chances of stroke.

Wheat Grass

If there is only one natural resource that can be called mother earth’s own medicine- it ought to be wheatgrass! 70% of wheatgrass is made of the purest form of chlorophyll. Furthermore, you will find calcium, iron, fiber, and Vitamin C as well in wheatgrass. So it’s imperative to say that, a green drink worth its money can’t eliminate wheatgrass from its ingredients’ list.

The wheatgrass present in the green superfood ensures that your body gets all the necessary nutrients, even if you have to skip meals throughout the day. Wheatgrass accelerates your digestion process, recuperates inflammation, and controls blood sugar levels. This is medically proved that wheatgrass reduces stress levels as well.


One of the top contenders in a green drink production-list – Chlorella is a freshwater alga. Counted among one of the top 10 superfoods universally, chlorella is considered to be more nutritious than kale or broccoli. The best part of chlorella is- it assists our bodies to get rid of heavy metals that our body stores every day because of toxic foods.

[su_box title=” “]This is one of the best detoxifiers in the world. Not only that, but believe in this algae to also slash down your expanding waist (coupled with some form of work-out every day). Chlorella controls sugar spikes in blood, regulates hormone, and improves immunity- manifold.[/su_box]


Bake it with black pepper and make kale chips. Put it in soup or stew and kale would gel seamlessly. But who has the time to do all of it, right? That’s why A-listed green drinks have kale as one of the common components on their labels. Do you know kale contributes significantly to achieving your weight loss goal?

It stifles cravings in a healthy way- thus reducing your mid-night hunger pangs. Kale is a natural source of Vitamin C, A, K, and potassium, calcium and iron as well. Result? Stronger bones, lower cholesterol level, and healthy growth of oxygen-carrying red cells – taking place all at once.

Oat Grass

Once native to the Mediterranean region and some northern parts of Europe, oat grass is now cultivated world-over and considered to be- one of the primary sources of green superfood. If you are on a gluten-free diet by choice, or due to celiac disease, then select a green drink that contains oat grass. It will make the liquid safer for allergic people to consume.

[su_quote]30% content of oat grass is built up by amino acids. Thus-oat grass gives your body a natural source of protein. This is more beneficial for vegans. A rich source of vitamins A, C, E, and other nutrients, oat grass is good for diabetic patients too.[/su_quote]

Milk Thistle

There is a wide spectrum of green drinks that use milk thistle- the natural herb, as one of their components. Milk thistle is a natural detoxifier and flaunts anti-inflammatory properties. When you consume it daily in the form of a green drink, your body would get rid of toxicity. Milk thistle can also cure bloating or other digestive issues in your health.

[su_quote]This organic ingredient reduces cholesterol as well. The silymarin chemical present in mill thistle controls blood sugar level. Silymarin also works in reducing oxidative stress on your skin- caused by direct exposure to UV rays.[/su_quote]


No list of green drink must-have ingredients would be complete without listing spinach in it. With Vitamin K and calcium in abundance, drinking green drink-with-spinach-in-it would make your bones grow stronger. This is all the more important in case you are in the pre-menopausal phase. Also, the potassium content in spinach takes a pivotal role in lowering down cholesterol. Spinach is full of Vitamin A that is important to grow hair and keep your skin tissues supple.


Adaptogens are healing compounds found in precious plants. Right now, the green superfood industry is just waking up to the plethora of benefits adaptogens offer. This, in turn, has made adaptogens- the must-haves ingredients in premium green drinks. Ginseng is one such popular adaptogen. Ginseng can bring down blood pressure and cholesterol level. Not only that, but it is also an unlimited source of antioxidants.

[su_quote]Another famed adaptogen is ashwagandha. If your green drink has ashwagandha as a component, then you might expect your body to witness reduced anxiety levels and a stronger immunity system. Reishi and shiitake mushrooms have adaptogenic qualities as well.[/su_quote]

What’s So Good About Green Drinks?

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You’ll find the general health benefits of a particular green drink from its label. Let’s dig deeper and discover why you ought to have it every day-

  • Devoid of modern farming techniques: The modern farming techniques have been robbing our soil off essential bacteria and minerals from ages. Result? The foods we are consuming today are largely devoid of any natural goodness. Green drink powder mints its minerals and nutrients from natural sources- thus keeping their wholesomeness intact.
  • Give you a sufficient amount of daily “green”: Do you know how many miles the veggies have traveled before finding a place on your plate? Also the rising work pressure and busy schedules depriving many, from getting all the nutrients from daily meals. With a green drink, you can get your daily dosage of B vitamins, antioxidants, magnesium, manganese, potassium in a comprehensive manner.
  • It gives you more varieties: Do you know that cavemen used to consume 20 types (approx.) of spices on a day? This level of food variety is quite unimaginable to attain in our modern dietary habits, isn’t it? Green drink powders would give you this diversity in the form of dust. Unlike the supermarket-bought fruits and vegetables, the green powders contain zero sugar and more phytonutrients and micronutrients.

What’s Not So Good About Greens supplement?

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  • Price discrepancy: Green drink powders tend to be pretty expensive. In case you are looking for losing weight or feeling energetic in a cost-effective way, then green drinks might not entice you much. Also, the more ingredients a green drink powder has, the pricier it gets.
  • Bad taste: Bad taste is a common phenomenon with green drink powders. Despite that, if the quality is superior and if it’s doing wonderful things to your body, then one might adjust with the taste. Or else, you have to think creatively and put the powder in various recipes-thus giving more time and effort behind it.
  • The destructive processing: The processing of nutrients and phytochemicals should be sensitive and mustn’t include heat or light. Do you know that freeze-drying of veggies/fruits and then dipping them into water-soluble dust, is the correct way to produce green powders? There are so many green drink brands in the market, each claiming to process the superfood sensitively, that it has become difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Green Superfood Powder Vs. OTC Vitamin Capsules

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First of all, green powder is considered to be a whole food. When you get the daily vitamins from whole food sources, you will receive the non-adulterated version of vitamins and nutrients. This is any day better than gulping down the synthesized form of vitamins, say, through capsules. Pick up any top of line green drink powder and you would see that it has to be brimming – with micronutrients and anti-oxidants.

[su_row]Do you know that if you take the B vitamins in an uncontrolled manner, then it may lead to your heart racing and triggering severe anxiety in the body? In green drink powder, vitamin B is normally sourced from wholefoods- thus leading to cause the least amount of tension in your body.[/su_row]

Now, let’s find out a few frequently asked questions about green drinks and their respective answers-


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  1. Is there any specific time to take the green drink?

You can consume it anytime but not at least for 3 hours- after you have spent working-out hard in a gym. This likewise applies in the event you ditch the gym and go for yoga, Zumba, or running. The inflammation caused due to hard-hitting physical training is a natural phenomenon. There is no need to chug along a tall glass of green drink to mitigate it. So you can take it practically anytime during the day except for post-workout.

  1. Would it be advisable for me to give it to my dog?

Your pets also need nutrition. But there are separate green supplements for dogs as well. While your furry-friend would have benefitted from eating green veggies in powdered form, they catch certain allergies from foods designated for only humans. So better consult with your pet’s vet, before giving your dog the green powder in tiny dosages every day.

  1. Should I take it during pregnancy?

A top quality green drink powder is healthy and contains nutrients and minerals only. It shouldn’t cause you any harm if you are pregnant. Still, it’s always wise to ask your doctor first. If she/he green signals, then start taking the powder only a teaspoon once a day. Do it for 7 days and if everything seems fine, you may increase the intake gradually. But still, consult your physician first!

Innovative Ways To Use Green Drink Powder

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There are innovative ways to soak the goodness of green drink powder, other than having it in water form or in pancake batter.

Make Baby Food

The store-bought baby foods have their share of preservatives. So take a small amount of your premium quality green drink powder, mix it with water and fruit puree, and feed your baby. But remember, do this only when you are baby is more than 1 year old.

Skin Care/ Hair Care

You can make your own purifying mask with green drink powder. Mix it with raw honey, green tea, and water to prepare a mask and apply it on your face. Leave it for 20-25 minutes before washing it off. In a similar fashion, to combat frizzy hair, mix the green powder with virgin coconut oil and honey to apply in scalp and hair strands.


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The above-stated points give you a simple rundown about- why and how a green drink powder might work. Green drink is like an elixir. It rejuvenates you while keeping all the natural goodness intact. Before you shop for a quality green drink powder, do all the homework you can.

Are you ready to try one of the green drinks? Please, don’t start with the wrong green superfood, because you can have a bad experience and never try it again. That would be a pity.